Heroku defaults to Puma for Rails 5

May 02, 2016

Hey there! The winds have blown me in a new direction and this site is now just an archive for posterity's sake. All the new action will be happening at StayWildGames.com. I'll have a writeup detailing the move soon.

It’s now going to be easier than ever to kick off a new Rails project and deploy to Heroku. WEBrick is no longer the default server with Rails 5. If you don’t provide a Procfile Heroku is going to help you out and set you up with Puma. Production ready out of the box. So… that’s cool.

Also of note, configuration is going to default to matching Puma threads to Active Record connection pool size. Helpful for avoiding connection timeout errors.

They’re doing some other cool things and you can check their post for all the details