Gitignore update in Github for Unity plugin

October 08, 2018

Hey there! The winds have blown me in a new direction and this site is now just an archive for posterity's sake. All the new action will be happening at I'll have a writeup detailing the move soon.

This is a quick update on this previous post. I took the advice of the folks over at @thoughtbot to get a good default .gitignore file established when setting up Github for Unity. It appears that is now an unneeded step as of 1.0.3.

I recently was goofing around on a sample project and after importing the Github for Unity plugin I noticed the default .gitignore file had established good defaults on its own.

The only thing I ended up adding was .idea so that the directory used by JetBrains Rider wasn’t included. Otherwise everything seems to have worked just fine. Yay for improvements.