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Hey there! The winds have blown me in a new direction and this site is now just an archive for posterity's sake. All the new action will be happening at I'll have a writeup detailing the move soon.

I make things with computers

I come in two flavors: bearded and unbearded.

Hello fellow wanderer. You've managed to find me in the vast expanse of this digital ocean, so welcome. My name is Matt Haliski and I create stuff on computers. The majority of my career work has been on the web and I still love it to this day. Web design and development provide nearly the perfect balance of design, coding, and problem solving to satiate all parts of my creativity. It's my happy place.

I've largely spent my time at advertising/creative agencies building websites for their clients. I'm proud to have been part of many successful launches and having worked alongside some very talented people. These days I'm the captain of my own ship. I go where the winds take me.

Leaving Harbor is my company and inspired by the following sentiment.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.

John A. Shedd

The quote — and subsequently my company's name — are a daily reminder to take chances. Don't iterate things to death. Explore new boundaries. Take new journeys. Push a littler harder and a little further.

Anyways, glad you're here. I'm trying to write more and give back to the community that's helped me so generously throughout my career. Head over the <%= link_to "The Captain's Log", posts_path %> if you want to see what I'm up to.

Until our paths cross again,

Matt Haliski

Matt Haliski
The Captain