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Matt Haliski

I smash my fingers on the keyboard and occasionally stuff happens.

"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for."

~ William G.T. Shedd

A digital adventure on the high seas

I'm Matt Haliski and the Captain on this here voyage. I sail around the world that lies beyond our screens in search of great ideas.

I'm part designer, part developer and Leaving Harbor is my place to explore. Most of my experience is on the web, but I'll go anywhere a challenge takes me.

I think we can all agree Han shot first.

About the Captain

The Captain's Log

The incoherent ramblings from the ship's captain. Topics typically surround thoughts on the design and development, personal projects and helpful tech tidbits.


Current Project: This Bloody Website

On the brink of mutiny it was high time this site received the attention it deserves. I apologize for the inevitable broken bits as I get everything back to tip-top shape.